In a world that is going faster and faster, in a world where mobile phones are active 24 hours a day, where stress is part of our daily lives, is vital achieve well-being.


Be in spaces where we can stop, breathe, and return to ourselves.


More and more people look for in their travels transformative experiences that return them to their true origin. Thinking about this increasingly growing community, the Mindful Travel concept is born, a movement that has been expanding throughout the world in the last years.


Mindful Travel is committed to a conscious tourism where the connection with nature and respect for the environment, human well-being and economic development, are the main driver, advocating a sustainable philosophy where the traveler lives a transformative experience and relates to the environment in a conscious way. 


That's why Gran Canaria Mindful Travel was born.


From yoga and meditation retreats, trainings, hiking, cave songs, in Mindful Travel Gran Canaria we have a calendar of activities where the inner journey merges with a conscious contact with nature and a knowledge of the most magical places of Gran Canaria.