.....  "I knew I was going to love my practice with Karla the moment we met. 630am on day 2 of my holiday in Gran Canaria - nearly 3 years ago. She gave me a jam jar filled with a gorgeous honey and ginger tea - and that was it...

The uniqueness of the yoga practice I have with Karla is hard to describe - she practices and teaches with intuition, intelligence and integrity. A true yoga heart. 

I trust her completely and am able to be completely honest with her in my practice. 

No judgment. That is a rarity."

Nina Xx


Single classe 10€

6 classes 50€

Private practice: 50€ per hour.


For yoga classes contact :  +34 691 803 415

Join me for nourishing yoga retreats, inspiring wellness workshops, teacher trainings, free yoga classes at our online studio, and everything beautiful in between.

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